The ONE SHORT FOR A NATION Short Film Festival Berlin is showcasing short films from all over the world. In our selection we screen fictional shorts, animations and documentaries from any genre. Every film of our selection, whether it's Drama, Comedy, Mystery or Experimental, is produced in a different country! We try to make an impression what is going on currently in the international short filmmaker's scene. What are their current thoughts? What is going on in their country? What kind of artistic expression or visual cinematic language they have developed?

The Liminal World
Drama, Poland 2022, 7:12 min, Director: Klaudia Makowska


Animation, Netherlands 2023, 7:57 min, Director: Rianne Stremmelaar


Drama, Russian Federation 2022, 11:32 min, Director: Andrej Krasavin

Hundreds and Thousands

Comedy, United Kingdom 2023, 4:17 min, Director: Rhys Aaron Lewis

No. 9

Drama/Thriller, Iran 2022, 14:58 min, Director: Ali Safari


Dokumentation, Uzbekistan 2021, 13:00 min, Director: Irina Savon

The Tape

Animation, Egypt 2022, 3:24 min, Director: Sara Ramzi
Something About Winter
Drama, Slovenia 2023, 11:17 min, Director: Žiga Ciber

We Are The Music

Dokumenation/Essayfilm, Costa Rica 2020, 14:22 min, Director: Guillermo Rosabal-Coto


Mystery/Horror, Germany 2023, 14:04 min, Directors: Maxie Le Dévéhat, Marcel Schuhardt

Good Morning My Love

Mystery/Drama, Turkey 2023, 12:50 min, Director: Gökşin Doğa Egesoy

The 7th Night: MaoMao Revisits

Animation, Malaysia 2023, 3:48 min, Director: ahLoong

The End

Comedy, Austria 2023, 7:52 min, Director: Felix Ernst Peter Schalk
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