Marius, born and raised in Hessen, Germany, has been active in the film and television industry since 2011. He worked primarily in the AD-department for national and international TV, cinema or Netflix productions (e.g. "Matrix Resurrections", "Inventing Anna", "Army of Thieves", "Blackout", and many more). After his studies "television- and filmdirecting”  in Berlin, Marius increasingly turned to screenwriting and has worked as a freelance screenplay editor and dramaturgical advisor for well-known film distributors, producers and film funding agencies.
Since 2020, Marius has focused on the development of his own film projects, mostly fictional and documentary material. A number of film projects, which have been shown and awarded at multiple film festivals around the world, were created in collaboration with his long-time friend and cameraman J. Laidler.
In his films Marius often deals with unnoticed people apart from society. By now he studies slavic languages and literature and is co-operator of the almost 30-year-old Berlin arthouse cinema “Lichtblick” since 2019. He also volunteers as translator for russian language in a community accommodation for refugees.
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